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How AI Tools Add Value in

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Performance & Quality Management

{tla} Technology Leaders Association

"Performance and Quality Management: The Impact and Necessity of Integrating in Business" by Christopher E. Maynard is a concise yet insightful guide that delves into the crucial realms of performance and quality management. As a seasoned senior executive with extensive experience in technology, organizational operations, and quality improvement, Maynard offers a wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom.

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Non-profit leaders and data managers face tough challenges wrangling data for decision making. Time and expertise are often in short supply, but the need is critical to increase member engagement, event participation, and overall revenue. Before you can get to business intelligence, you need to lay a good foundation with internal data management and governance. This book presents you with the five core areas in data management -Quality, Ecology, Privacy & Security, Policies & Procedures, and Data Handling—in an accessible way to get you started. So, before you spend big on BI applications or connecting systems, start here to harness your data to drive decision making.

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